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I came to Greg after receiving a horrendous haircut and highlight. He did an amazing job turning things around for my hair. His cut and color did just the trick and I am so thankful that I found his salon. Everyone there is so incredibly nice and friendly and extremely professional. I now look a million times better than before, and I look forward AHH…I have found my salon & stylist. I stumbled upon G Michael Salon online when searching for a new place to get my hair done. From the moment I walked in and until I was finished I was treated with warm, friendly, genuine care. My stylist was AMAZING! I’m very picky about my hair and who touches it, she not only asked what I wanted but explained every step along the way. She made suggestions that complimented mine. You can tell she wholeheartedly enjoys what she does. And it shows in the end result. I can’t believe how outstanding my hair cut and color turned out. I also need to sing the praises of Joe and Greg who made me feel so comfortable that I can’t wait to go back to this treasured gem of a hair salon!! P.S. LOVE the paperless and email confirmation system you have in place. -Citysearch


AHH…I have found my salon & stylist. I stumbled upon G Michael Salon online when searching for a new place to get my hair done. From the moment I walked in and until I was finished I was treated with warm, friendly, genuine care. My stylist was AMAZING! I’m very picky about my hair and who touches it, she not only asked what I wanted but explained every step along the way. She made suggestions that complimented mine. You can tell she wholeheartedly enjoys what she does. And it shows in the end result. I can’t believe how outstanding my hair cut and color turned out. I also need to sing the praises of Joe and Greg who made me feel so comfortable that I can’t wait to go back to this treasured gem of a hair salon!! P.S. LOVE the paperless and email confirmation system you have in place. -Citysearch


I came into G Michael Salon for a new style and was blown away with the team and the salon. Everyone is super friendly and professional. Lauren really listened to what I was wanting to do with my hair and had great advice for a new fall style. The products used in my hair definitely made a huge difference in the way that my hair feels and looks and they smell amazing! Definitely the best salon in the Indianapolis, Indiana area! I highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a new stylist who knows what they are doing. -Citysearch


Yesterday was my first time at G Michael Salon and it was a great experience!!!!! The atmosphere and entire staff was very enjoyable and friendly. If you are looking for a stylist in the Indianapolis area I would definitely recommend Lauren! She was great and very helpful in choosing the perfect hairstyle for me. The products she choose to use on my hair made my hair look and feel fabulous! I love the new bangs and I can’t wait for my next appointment!!!!! Best Salon in Indy!!! -Citysearch


I am so glad I went to G Michael Salon to get my hair cut! I was a little hesitant at first, because I was cutting off a ton of hair–but my worries were put at ease during the client consultation. My stylist listened to what I wanted and definitely delivered! She did a wonderful job cutting and styling, I couldn’t be happier. -Citysearch


The staff is so warm, and so much fun to talk to. They’re very down to earth, and make you feel like family. It is such a fun environment, you can tell how much they care about not just the clients, but each other as well. I bought both the shampoo and conditioner they used in my hair, (J Beverly Hills), and it smells great! I never realized how much healthier and smoother my hair would feel if I just used a high quality organic shampoo. No plastic fillers! Overall my experience couldn’t be more wonderful. It was one of the high points in my day for sure. -Citysearch


I have found the best salon in the Indianapolis area! G Michael Salon is an up-scale, friendly salon with a very talented staff. My stylist, Lauren, was amazing. I really needed good advice about my color & hair style and she consulted with me in a professional and warm manner. She toned down my hair color with a blend of warm brown & blonde tones that I absolutely love. She also gave me a very stylish cut with straight cut long bangs which I have been receiving many compliments on. My friends even tell me that the cut makes me look younger! The products(J Beverly Hills) she advised me to use have made my hair silky & healthier than it has been in a long time. The whole team is fun and so positive. I can’t wait until my next appointment with Lauren. -Citysearch


I heard about G Michael Salon from a friend that lives in that area and was excited to try it. Joe was so helpful when I called to make the appointment and gave me great directions when I called back to tell him that I was turned around.I felt so relaxed as Greg massaged my scalp and shoulders while discussing what I would like to have done with my hair. I trusted his advice completely and was so pleased with the beautiful work he created. He introduced me to some great products and showed me how to recreate my new look at home. I am recommending this salon to all of my friends. It was worth the hour drive! -Citysearch


I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed my salon experience today. This was my first trip after leaving my hair “therapist” of 5 years. Things had become stale and I no longer felt appreciated as a customer at my old salon. Wow how the G Michael Salon experience renewed my perspective. I was warmly greeted by Joe & promptly introduced me to my stylist. In two short hours she transformed my blah blondish hair into a rich brunette color with a killer cut! I have already scheduled my follow-up appointment. -Citysearch


I just got the most fabulous haircut from Lauren at G Michael Salon. She listened to what I wanted and delivered from start to finish. Greg was wonderful in offering his expertise and opinion when needed and I walked out feeling like it was truly a cut that was fit for me and my personality. The entire staff was professional yet warm and welcoming. You can tell they genuinely care about their clients and each other and that in turn is reflected in their work. Thanks to Lauren, Greg and Joe for a wonderful experience. Did I mention the scalp massage is to die for??? -Citysearch


Today I went to this salon and got my hair cut by Lauren…and I loved it! She used the ‘control’ products and made my hair so soft and curly. The product line is amazing! It’s organic and natural, and Lauren informed me about everything that went into my hair. The products made my hair soft, bouncy, and minimized frizz… a very hard task for my hair type. She did my hair exactly how I told her too as well. Everyone in the salon is super friendly and inviting. The massages are so calming and comforting, as well. I will definitely start coming to this salon from now on. I know that what I want on my hair, is what I will get! Thanks to everyone that works at G Michael Salon! -Citysearch


Yesterday I had my hair done by Lauren and I have never been happier with my hair. I have been to every known hair salon in Indy and have had my hair done by the best of the best….Now I found the best and most fun loving hair stylist ever… She used the most innovative techniques and products to date and her choice of color hues made my face bright up even more… I have only had my new hair color for a day and everyone is stopping me! Besides Lauren giving me what I wanted the salon was the most inviting salon. Greg and Joe the owners were the nicest people and the rest of the staff were very friendly….and Whomever did the interior decorating…..two thumbs up…..The salon was HOT! HOT! HOT! Thanks Lauren and G Michael Salon….I will be in touch to book my next appointment with Lauren asap! -Citysearch


Wanted to let everyone know G Michael Salon is fabulous. No other salon in Indy is like it. My stylist was Incredible! My hair was in dire need of help. Not having any idea of what to do my stylist instantly knew what to do. Color, cut and some TLC! I have gotten so many compliments. Even the Security Guy at work noticed! Before when I would get my hair cut I could never make it look as good as whoever cut it. My stylist made sure I got the right products and knew how to use them to create the same look. I have not had any trouble at all. I have even been able to create other looks she showed me! I have already made my appointments for the entire year. -Citysearch


I am so excited to have the opportunity to experience such a great stylist in Indianapolis! I have outrageous curly hair and Miss Lauren just worked it all out! My retouch was done by another stylist and Lauren just made me look like I was born with this color. Now I am always fearful about haircuts but, I was so at ease that I said “lets do it”. She understands that curly hair is tricky and it turned out Amaze Balls! We should have done a before and after because I have Barbie hair now! My hair is so smooth and shiny I am actually in love with my hair! I am so going to come back weekly to see Lauren! Best Salon in Indy! Hands down. The service was so amazing the environment is so calming I did not want to leave. Thank you Lauren and the entire G Michael Salon staff. You have a client for life! -Citysearch


My experience at G Michael Salon was like being in another world, not Indianapolis Indiana. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE G Michael Salon!! Lauren is like my soul sister. She understands the needs of my very curly hair and made my hair smooth as silk.. Everyone here is so friendly and the salon is GORGEOUS! Lauren and I talked about changing my hair color and cutting it short which I’m gonna do it possibly on my next visit. I will be the big 60.. and want a change and I wouldn’t go anywhere else to do it.. Thank you for the great experience and your fantastic personality Lauren! You and everyone at the G Michael Salon are the Best in Indianapolis. -Citysearch


This is was my first time at the salon. I’ve been several places and this is definitely the best salon in Indianapolis! I have been a blonde my entire life and wanted to make a change. Lauren listened to me, made suggestions, and delivered exactly what I was imagining. The entire team is so friendly and fun. I have told several of my friends that they need to switch to G Michael Salon as they’ve set the bar extremely high for hair salons and I am pretty sure no other salon can match it. Thank you, Lauren, and the rest of G Michael Salon! See you soon! -Citysearch


If you are looking for a great salon experience and a fantastic hair cut and color, look no further! From the time I called to make my first appointment, I felt welcome at G Michael Salon. Everyone is so friendly and they made me feel very special and pampered throughout my appointment. Greg is a truly talented stylist and I feel lucky that I found him! He took the time explain various hair colors and cut options that would work best for me, so that I was completely comfortable with what he was going to do. Greg is one of those gifted stylists who can just touch your hair and you know you are in good hands with nothing to worry about. Thanks everyone – I am really looking forward to my next visit!! -Citysearch


Let me first state that I am not a “salon” kind of guy. My older brother cut my hair with clippers when I was a kid, I cut it myself in college, and I’ve been a steady advocate of Great Clips for a cheap, quick haircut in my budding adult years. Hair does not define me, and I usually give no more than a moment’s thought to it. That being said, I began dating a woman who, unlike myself, cares about what I look like! Appeasing her wish that I get a “real” haircut, I took her advice and took an appointment at G Michael Salon. Skeptical as I was, I was pleasantly surprised. All of the stylists introduced themselves, were friendly, and genuinely seemed to enjoy their workplace. I had my hair cut by Lauren. Not only was she very pleasant, and quite beautiful, it was clear that she wanted to give me a haircut that was tailored for me. I’ve been pretty resistant to the recent “metro-sexual” movement for guys. Paying close attention to my hair, eyebrows, chest hair is not for me. But, for someone who has never paid more for than $12 for a hair cut, the whole process was not the upscale, haughty ordeal I had built it up to be. It was a very relaxed, enjoyable experience. This was a great experience overall. The only negative, if you want to call it that, is that now I have to listen to my girlfriend brag about how handsome I am! It’s a nice problem to have! Imperatives: Call G Michael Salon. Ask for Lauren. Get compliments. -Citysearch


I was having difficulty getting the color I wanted with other salons. G Michael Salon gave me the color they wanted. I called for an an appointment and was given one for the following day. I was greeted with excitement. My stylist was Lauren, she asked me what I wanted, she listened and then added her expertise. The color is beautiful and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The atmosphere is very relaxing and warm. Lauren made me feel important unlike other salons she did not have other clients scheduled in between while my color was processing. All the stylists were pleasant and interesting to talk with. I am looking forward to my next appointment. Lauren, thank you. -Citysearch


I went to G Michael Salon for a cute update on my bob haircut. First let me say that last November I cut 18 inches off my hair into a short bob and I have been extremely picky since then regarding what I like in a cut. Lauren was my stylist and let me tell you, she was amazing! She listened to what I wanted but also used her own skills and creativity to give me a great cut, including new shorter side bangs. Beyond just the cut, the atmosphere is extremely friendly and relaxing and very professional. Their products are top of the line and did wonders for my hair. I can’t wait to stock up on all of them. Thanks so much Lauren and G Michael Salon! -Citysearch


I have been with Greg for over a year now, and I cannot begin to express how delighted I am with the salon and everyone there… They really do “pay attention to detail!” I am always warmly welcomed and my style is consistently perfect. I get compliments all the time now! I also recommend any stylist in the salon as well, as they are all consistent and the styles received from each will be the same as the last.. I know I can’t wait to see the new location! Watch out everyone! -Citysearch


I went in for my haircut appointment with Greg in the early evening. Soon after, I had to go to my workout class. It is a small class with only 7 women in it and EVERY last one of them said how great my hair looked as they came in. I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a response like that after a haircut before. It made my day. Thanks Greg for taking such good care of me and making me feel like a princess! -Citysearch


All I can really say is that I am not that big on writing reviews but after my experience at G Michael Salon I knew I had to write something. First off their new salon is just out of this world. If you are wanting to go to a salon and feel like you are in some kind of paradise, then I suggest that you go see them. Even better than the look and feel of the salon is the overall attitude of all of the employees. I have never been to a place of business where all the employees are in such a great mood and so nice to all of the customers. As for my hair, I really don’t have anything special done to it but Greg is just always on top of his game and makes me look and feel better. All in all, this is a place that people need to learn about and love. Its JUST AMAZING!!!!! -Citysearch


I have been to many Salons in Indianapolis and Noblesville in my lifetime..searching for that perfect all around experience. Well, I have finally found it!! G Michael Salon, is like a little slice of heaven on Earth…from the moment you walk through the door you feel like you are in a wonderland! The staff are absolutely amazing and kind..they really make you feel special. If you are looking for the best experience and want to look like you belong in a magazine…G Michael Salon in Noblesville, Indiana is the BEST place for you… I always walk in feeling Blah..but leave feeling rejuvenated and alive..and all I got was a haircut!!! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone..It’s AMAZING!!! -Citysearch


I absolutely love G Michael Salon in Noblesville!!! The top of the line services and products that Indianapolis has to offer. You will leave feeling refreshed with the head, neck, and shoulder massage that comes free with your cut or color. The hand and arm massage was also amazing. The products made my hair feel and smell wonderful. My cut was superb and I will definitely be back to G Michael Salon! Great Staff!! -Citysearch


G Michael is by far the best salon in Indy. I have tried about 5-6 salons in the last 2 years since I have moved to Indy. Let me just say, I will not be trying another! Lauren was my hairstylist. She was absolutely wonderful! She was the perfect combination of professional and friendly. She made me feel at ease from the get go, especially after I told about my prior experiences. She did exactly what I asked for (keep my length but made my hair look healthier and styled.) We also talked about a possible color for next time. I will be going back in a few short weeks to do exactly that! Can’t wait! Highly recommended! -Citysearch


The salon in Indianapolis is upscale with First class decor with a beautiful shampoo room (The Serenity Suite) and a relaxing hand massage! This is the best salon I have been to Indy! I have been getting my hair done with Joe and Greg since I was a teenager. I have followed them to every salon they have been to and I have never had a bad experience. They are extremely accommodating. The new salon location is convenient, comfortable and amazing to look at. The quality of service they provide is unmatched. Lauren colored my hair and was able to attain the look I wanted without damaging my fine hair. The environment is very fun and I would not go anywhere else to get my hair cut or colored. I get great compliments on my hair and recommend this G Michael Salon to anyone that wants quality service!!! -Citysearch


I have lived in the area for over 60 years and I must say hands down G Michael Salon is where it’s at! From the minute you walk in you are welcomed by a beautiful girl named Lindsay and a handsome man by the name of Joe. The decor and atmosphere in the salon make you feel as if you are in the big city! The stylists, Greg and Lauren are amazing and you can automatically feel how much they love working together and love what they are doing! Lauren was my stylist and one word sums her up…WOW! She listened to what I had to say and gave great suggestions for my hair! She took my out dated look and gave me an amazing cut that not only made me look 10 years younger, but was easy to recreate myself at home! J Beverly Hills is the product line she used, and after feeling and seeing how my hair looked with them in, I bought all she recommended and I must say it has been well worth it! I can not wait to go back for my next appointment! Thank you everyone at G Michael Salon for your amazing talent and friendly caring attitudes! I have found my new salon and hair family for the next 60 years! -Citysearch


I recently went to G Michael Salon and had a hair cut and color done by Lauren. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. She is incredibly creative, innovative, and extremely talented. She added layers to my hair and also incorporated a very easy to manage bang to my hair style. I left the salon feeling like a new woman! My hair has never felt this healthy and full-bodied after a trip to the salon. She used a wide range of J Beverly Hills products on me which left my hair feeling the healthiest it’s ever been. Not only was Lauren super sweet and friendly but the whole staff was so warm and welcoming! I felt like a celebrity! After trying out a multitude of salons in the Indy area, G Michael Salon is by far the best one that I have experienced. Lauren was amazing, and her attitude is stellar! I definitely recommend anyone seeking a new cut, style, or color to try out G Michael Salon and book a reservation with Lauren! -Citysearch


Finally, I FOUND IT!: Indy’s best salon. I have been to many salons throughout the state and I have to say my search is over for the perfect salon! Greg and his staff are so amazing- they go above and beyond to provide you with the color, cut, and style that only the expertise of Greg’s extensive training could give you. You WILL walk out feeling like, and your hair looking like, a million dollars. At G Michael Salon, this is not just a salon visit, this is a salon experience. I love love love it! You won’t be disappointed, and you won’t want to go anywhere else ever again. -Citysearch


I recently moved to Indianapolis and am so excited that I found G Michael Salon as they take the time to ensure I have a relaxing experience EVERY time. I was recovering from a bad haircut last year and they have helped get my hair back to looking fabulous. I would highly recommend you check out the salon!! My hair has never looked better!! -Google


Greg Lee is absolutely THE BEST stylist, not only in Indianapolis/Carmel, but the best I have experienced in my travels from NYC to southern CA! I enjoy each appointment and look forward not only to my new style, but that glorious hand massage. I have short hair that I love to change up; Greg takes the time during each visit to make sure I leave with an exceptional cut and color that complements me. I have been stopped by people on more occasions than I can count, to tell me just how great my hair looks. Greg – you’ve got me and I’m not going anywhere else! -Google


I have finally found a great salon in the Indianapolis metro area! For the past two years, I have really been missing my salon in Seattle. I have hopped around many of the nicer salons in the Indy area trying to find a good fit here, but nothing really stood out. I had my hair cut by Greg at the G Michael Salon today. Greg had some great ideas for my hair regarding products, blow drying tips, and color/cut/styling. I have naturally curly hair that I blow out and flat iron, so a good cut is very important to me. My haircut looks fantastic, and I am so impressed with the texture of my hair. I am excited to have Greg color my hair on my next visit. I should also mention that they offer online booking via their website…huge plus in my book! I received an e-mail and text message confirming my appointment and reminding me…and I received my receipt via e-mail right after my appointment. I really appreciate the convenience and professionalism of these features! My husband also had his first visit at the G Michael salon last week. It was the best haircut he has received in years. We both LOVE this salon! I have been hoping to find a salon of this caliber in Indianapolis, so I am thrilled. The other staff members were also very warm and welcoming. If you are looking for a high quality salon in the Indy area, please don’t hesitate to try the G Michael salon! -Google


As a guy, I had a great experience at G Michael Salon. I usually go get a quick hair cut at Great Clips and always leave extremely disappointed. G Michael Salon did an excellent job making me feel comfortable at a salon and did a great job on my hair. I am definitely going back. -Google


I recently moved to Indianapolis and am so excited that I found G Michael Salon! My stylist takes the time to ensure I have a relaxing experience EVERY time. I was recovering from a bad haircut last year and they have helped get my hair back to looking fabulous. I would highly recommend you check out the salon!! My hair has never looked better!! -Google


I am not very trusting when it comes to letting somebody close to my hair with a pair of scissors. It had been almost a year since I had a hair cut, due to being in a new place. Then I went to G Michael Salon, I found my hairstylist. The haircut was awesome and everyone was very friendly and outgoing. They gave me advice on how to style and keep my hair healthy. I have extremely fine hair and I left that salon looking like I had a full head of hair. -Cityvoter


I’m so happy with my hair cut and all of my experiences at G Michael Salon that I must write a review! Greg, Joe & Lauren are all so fabulous. They are warm and welcoming every time I visit the salon (which is often as I have very short hair). I’ve never been to a salon that took the time to introduce me to all the employees during my first appointment. Everyone has been so endearing. They are very friendly, nice and always strive to be hospitable. The employees never fail to offer to take my purse, my coat, my earrings, etc. and to offer me a drink. It’s so nice to be put at ease. The new location of the salon is very convenient. The decor and atmosphere is a very clean, lean, funky, modern look that is stylish and hip. Love the music choices too. The sort of care the owners put into the surroundings exemplifies the type of care you receive as a client. This type of attention to detail makes it a fun and an exciting “event” for me to go get my monthly hair cut! It’s really something I look forward to every few weeks. What can I say about Greg? He is a master stylist and it shows. Always a consummate professional, Greg is intent on providing me with a fabulous haircut – – every time I visit. I love the results he gets, but I love the process too! He never rushes me and I always feel pampered…especially after I relax as he takes the time to give me a scalp, shoulder and hand massage! And, it’s just an added bonus that my hair feels so healthy too! Finally, I have to comment on Joe. He is an amazing ambassador for the salon. He works hard to make the salon run right and it’s all appears to be so seamless. I really get excited by the enthusiasm and energy he puts into his work. So, there it is. A wonderful review for G Michael Salon – a wonderful salon that is run by some terrific people! I cannot say enough about this great salon, it’s stylists and all their staff! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work! -Google