Hottest Spring Hair Trends – Foilyage by G Michael Salon Indianapolis

As the Spring season approaches, the world is in anticipation of the new hair trends for 2018. Well, the wait is over! The newest, hottest beauty trend is Foilyage. Foilyage is the birth child of the ever popular Balayage and the classic foil placement. Balayage is a hand painting technique where our stylists are free to place color randomly throughout the hair to create a color masterpiece, whereas highlights are placed more strategicaly which creates a sun kissed apprearance. Combining these two faves creates a dazzling effect that adds dimension with a flair of artistic expression. This is definitely one trend that you will want to try out before you and your gal pals hit the beaches for spring break! To view more of our beautiful work, checkout the G Michael Salon Instagram page TODAY at: https://www.instagram.com/gmichaelsalon/?hl=en