5 Summer Hair Care Tips by G Michael Salon in Indianapolis, Indiana

We LOVE Summers in Indianapolis, where there is no shortage of sun and fun! During these relaxed and enjoyable months, I recommend finding time to protect your hair, as it is always more susceptible to damage from the heat and sunshine. Here are 5 quick tips on how to give your hair a bit of extra love this summer!

1. Maintain the use of a deep conditioner on while you’re sunbathing or enjoying the pool. My favorite product for this purpose is Joico Moisture Recovery Balm. We utilize this product here at G Michael Salon whenever you add on a GMS Signature Conditioning Treatment. This is a treatment that feels a whole lot like a spa day for your hair. The product is smoothed all over the hair and then we process the guest under a warm dryer to help the balm penetrate the hair shaft. If you’re lacking time to come in for your own little hair spa day, you can always purchase this product at stores. Loxa Beauty’s online store retails this incredible balm for $25.99. You will love how this product absolutely transforms the manageability and shine of your hair.

Joico Recovery Balm - G Michael Salon in Indianapolis

2. Sun Protection Spray is a summer essential that is key to keeping your hair healthy through the warmer months and protect your color from the sun’s damaging rays. J Beverly Hills makes an amazing product that has two purposes rolled into the same bottle. J Bev’s ‘Beach Spray’ is fantastic for the days that I’m jumping in and out of the pool and want to have somewhat of a style without spending any time on my hair. Just spray and scrunch and the sea salt and sea kelp will create a sexy, beachy wave for your locks. It also has an excellent sun protectant built in to ensure that your tresses are in their best shape all summer long.

J Beverly Hills Beach Spray at G Michael Salon in Indianapolis

3. Definitely do not skip out on a strong ‘swimmer’s shampoo’. It’s imperative to remove all of the impurities that the pool water will deposit after each swim. I am in love with J Beverly Hill’s ‘Clarifier’ shampoo. It is an amazing product, especially for blondes who can sometimes even experience greening or yellowing due to chlorine. Be sure to utilize your swimmers shampoo to remove all of the chemical deposits the pool leaves behind after each and every swim.

G Michael Salon - Top Hair Products - J Beverly Hills Clarifier

4. Worried about your darker tones fading out or lightening in the sun? Don a hat and toss your worries aside. Big brimmed hats are fortunately so trendy right now. I love how they help to protect your face and shoulders from the sun as well. Wearing a hat will ensure that rich reds don’t fade to strawberry and that warm brunettes don’t lift to mousey light browns.

5. Invest in a wet brush, and by invest, I mean spend the whole $12.00 and save LOTS of hair. G Michael Salon retails the wet brush, as well as many other well known retailers. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite understand the technology behind this awesome tool, but it absolutely works! The summer sun always leads to all around dryness for our hair. Dryness sometime equals a stiff, tangly mess when it comes time to brush through your hair, especially when hair is wet. I love throwing my wet brush into my pool bag to brush my hair with after getting out of the pool. You’ll be shocked at how little hair you see left behind in the bristles. Perhaps one of the best hairstyling tools since the flat iron ­­ yep, I said it! ;­)

The Wet Brush sold at G Michael Salon in Indianapolis

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you soon!

By: Lindsay Keys
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