5 Great Tips for Summer Concert & Festival Season – G Michael Salon in Indianapolis

5 Great Hair Tips for Summer Concert & Festival Season from G Michael Salon in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With Coachella already in our rear view mirrors this summer, I think it’s high time to help prepare for the rest of summer’s fun outdoor events; concerts, festivals, fairs and the list goes on! Indianapolis absolutely comes alive in the summer and we couldn’t be more excited to share some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best during the events that we wait all year to arrive.


  1. Sun Protection – So obvious, Right? Not necessarily! We all love the sun, of course and summer events seem like prime time to get a little bronzed. What we don’t want, is red, splotchy, peeling skin, or to run the risk of long term skin damage, and especially the “C” word! Pack an awesome oil-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen and be sure to load up before you’re out in the elements. Remember that an overcast day does not equal lack of damaging rays. Lastly, don’t neglect your pucker as the skin on your lips is thinner and more vulnerable than anywhere else on your face. Choose a SPF-boosted tinted gloss or balm — skip the lipstick. Protect your skin from damage so that you can comfortably focus on enjoying your time outdoors! Not to worry, choose the right SPF and you’ll still leave bronzed and glowing.
  2. Style Smart – Yes, no doubt…long flowing hippie hair will always be in style for summer festivals, but does it really make sense to plan on wearing your hair down in our 90-degree Hoosier summer humidity? Not a good look. Besides, we can all agree that your hair will end up piled on top of your head before the day is done, and where is the fun in that? Instead, start your day with a “smart style” for the weather, work with the heat, not against it. Braids are still trending and easily the most weather friendly option. Accent a sleek pony with a few cascading and/or cornrowed braids. This style is super versatile and can be such a tailored look when you’re wanting to really stand out. Or, if you really want it off of your shoulders, go for the crowned ‘Heidi Braid’ to keep all of your hair up above your ears and off of your neck. Believe it or not, the Heidi Braid can actually be done on nearly any hair length, as very little length is needed to achieve the look. Another idea would be to start the day with a big fishtail braid, which is a great option if you want to accentuate your length, but keep the bulk of your hair confined to one area. This style is no muss, no fuss, all day long.

Jessica Alba's Braided Ponytail - G Michael Salon Indianapolis

Messy-fishtail-braid Kim Kardashian - G Michael Salon
Dianna Argon's Messy Braided Updo - G Michael Salon Indianapolis

  1. Festival Times call for Festival Measures – When preparing to experience a day at a festival, concert or fair, keep in mind that these events are outside of the ordinary, so beauty and fashion should follow suit. Take these opportunities for all that they are worth and take risks, or think outside of your normal “box” to encompass a look that is unique for you. These carefree, summer events are the perfect occasion to try something new; metallic blue eyeliner, a hat or fun scarf or bandana tied within your hairstyle, temporary tattoos or henna, body jewelry, etc. Maybe even try some hair chalk for a temporary pop of color in your locks. Have fun with it, Carpe Summer!


  1. Keep it Clean – Dry shampoo has grown in popularity by the boatloads over the last few years! Why, do you ask? Because the formulations of these types of products have come full circle and become extremely effective in doing exactly what they say they will do — absorb oil on the scalp and give the hair a freshly washed look without the necessity of H2O. Be sure to choose a great one, and stow that bottle away in your purse or cooler for the day. My go to Dry Shampoo choice is undoubtedly the J. Beverly Hills’ ‘Dry Clean’ product. Dry Clean is such a unique formula, composed of tea tree, jojoba, rosemary and lavender extracts. It smells absolutely divine and helps to cleanse dry hair by absorbing oils while soothing and moisturizing the scalp to create a fresh overall look.

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  1. Blot & Wipe – Two absolute staples for summer event season are oil absorbing blotting papers to keep the skin on your face dry and shine free in the midst of the heat and toxins in the air. You’ll also need a package of cleansing towelettes to keep dirt and grime at bay between sets. Both of these items are easy to grab at your nearest grocery or drug store, and don’t necessarily need to be an expensive name brand to get the job done. Any beauty expert will agree on this tip, you’d hate to be outdoors all day enjoying a concert or fair and be caught without the aid of these super helpful items. Even your male counterpart will see the value in toting these items along. Extra helpful tip? Throw those cleansing towelettes in your cooler for an especially refreshing treat midday.

Now that you’re in the know, you can head to your summer festivities confident in your style and beauty needs! Peace, Love & Beauty, my little festival queens!


– Lindsay Keys

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