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Guilty of showing up to work each day, or to social gatherings and the weekly ‘Girls Night’ events with the EXACT.SAME.HAIRSTYLE? Usually the most common are, down and straight, or up in a lifeless pony. Wouldn’t you love to walk in to your next social event and drop some jaws with a sexy new hairstyle?! Try out one of these four hot and trending hairstyles that are fun and sexy, but that you don’t have to be a hairstylist to try out for yourself!

TRY Blake Lively’s Tiered Ponytail!

• Use a volumizing foam, like J Beverly Hills’ ‘Mousse Up’, to thicken hair and then blow dry
• Pull top section of hair into a medium-height ponytail. Wrap small section taken from bottom of ponytail around the hair band and secure with bobby pins underneath the ponytail.
• Create another ponytail using the middle section of your hair. Secure second ponytail along with remaining hair from first ponytail with another hair band. Obscure elastic using the same method in previous step.
• Create third ponytail using hair at nape of neck and repeat steps listed above.
• Loosen up hair between the ponytails by gently pulling on strands

TRY Jennifer Morrison’s Milkmaid Braid!
• Separate your bangs from rest of your hair
• Part remaining hair into two large sections starting down the middle
• Braid each section using the fishtail (see above) or three-strand traditional method
• Pull one braid over the top of your head to reach the other ear and secure with bobby pins
• Pull the second braid over the top of your head next to the first braid to reach the opposite ear and secure with bobby pins
• Mist hair with a hairspray, like J Beverly Hills’ ‘Take Shape Medium Hold Hairspray’ to give your milkmaid braid a lasting hold

TRY Kristen Stewart’s Messy Fishtail Braid!
• Prep hair with a light gel, like J Beverly Hills’ ‘Glaze Me’, and a texturizing product, like J Beverly Hills’ ‘Beach Spray’, to give grip to the braid and to achieve the perfect texture.
• Divide hair into two large sections, parting hair straight down the middle. (Tip: For a messy, undone look, part with fingers instead of a comb.)
• Pull a thin section of hair from the outside of the left section.
• Pull the thin section of hair over the top of the left section and grasp it under the right section. (Tip: Use the same thickness for each section of the braid—the smaller the strands, the better. Pull braid tight to keep sections clean and easy to braid.)
• Keep alternating sides until you reach the bottom of the braid and then tie it off with an elastic.
• Starting at the end of your fishtail, slowly and gently start to pull strands out of the braid to achieve desired messiness.

TRY Jennifer Aniston’s Flirty Pony
• Spray wet hair with heat protectant, like J Beverly Hills’ ‘Thermotect’, to keep strands healthy. Blow dry hair and follow with flat iron if desired.
• Leave bangs out and pull hair back into a ponytail. (Tip: Use comb to smooth hair back into the ponytail.)
• Secure pony with a hair band.
• Take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band. Secure underneath ponytail with bobby pins.

Which is your favorite!? And remember…you don’t have to be so predictable! Step out on a ledge and the compliments will flow in!


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